The Sörbygden fishing area is about 50 kilometres from Bräcke and about 34 kilometres from Kälarne. Sörbygden’s fishing association – which is engaged in breeding fish for annual stocking – is a non-profit organization working for good fishing conditions.

The Sörbygden’s contains a part of Båthällströmmarna, with good fishing opportunities and beautiful scenery. There are also two ’put and take’ ponds: Åstjärnen and Kunsttjärnen.

The minimum size for grayling is 35 cm; for trout it’s 40 cm. Worm fishing is prohibited. You’re allowed to have double hooks – triple hooks are prohibited.

  • Species
  • · Char
    · Trout
    · Rainbow trout
  • Fishing season
  • From June 1 to August. The fishing ponds are best in the first week after freezing and the first week after thaw. Kunsttjärnen has the best fishing Januari 1 and good fly fishing around midsummer (closed September 1 to January 1, opening the first Saturday after New Year). Åstjärnen has good fishing all year round but the best around midsummer. Åstjärnen is open all year, Kunsttjärnen closes on September 1. Again opened the first Saturday after New Year with ice fishing.
  • Licenses
  • · Åke Edström: +46 (0)70-3984323, +46 (0)6-9670056
    · Kent-Ove Norberg: +46 (0)70-2063999, +46 (0)6-9670140
    · You can also buy your fishing license via Search for Gimån-Åstjärnen Sörbygdens FVOF.
  • Prices
  • · 150 kr per day, max 3 game fish per day.
    · You can also buy a license for almost all rivers in Gimån: 450 kr for 3 days, 750 for a week.
    · For ponds you have to buy a day license, 80 kr, max 4 fish. You can buy licenses directly with the ponds (100 kr). At the gas station in Sörbygden is a license machine for day cards.
  • Pictures
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  • Upplysning
  • Curt Edström: +46 (0)6-0610670, +46 (0)70-3123294