Övre Gimån

The Övre Gimån’s fishing area covers a total of fifteen kilometres of the main river, with several nice rapids and some smaller lakes. Stavreströmmen, a stream coming from Lake Revsund, is the playground for the river’s most famous big brown trout, Gimåöringen. The area is located along the E14, 7 kilometres north of Bräcke in the south-eastern province of Jämtland. Read more.

  • Species
  • · Perch
    · Pike
    · Grayling
    · Char
    · Whitefish
    · Trout
  • Fishing season
  • In Stavreströmmen fishing is open from May 29 to 31 August. Changes may occur. Other streams are open from 1 June to 30 September, but during September only grayling fishing is allowed. The area’s other waters are open year-round. Certain restrictions may apply. Lake fishing for pike, perch and whitefish is most appropriate from the time the water temperature rises and the ice begins to melt. In the smaller lakes are the best times around midsummer and a few weeks leading up to midsummer.
  • Fishing licenses
  • ·
    · Bengt Persson, Stavre, +46 (0)693-21210: accommodation, licenses, boat for rent
    · Bräcke Sport o Fritid, +46 (0)693-10117: licenses, equipment
    · Gimårasten, +46 (0)693-16004: eating, guiding, licenses, boat for rent
    · Hotell Jämtkrogen, Bräcke, +46 (0)693-10505: accommodation, eating
    · Kjellbergs Motor, Bräcke, +46 (0)693-71500: licenses, equipment
    · OKQ8, Gällö, +46 (0)693-20349: licenses, equipment
    · Sven Edström, +46 (0)693-71190: licenses
    · Revsunds Prästgård, +46 (0)70-2090321: accommodation, eating, guiding, boat for rent
  • Prices
  • · Area 1: just fly fishing 300 kr per day.
    · Area 2: just fly fishing 250 kr.
    · Area 3: fly fishing and spin fishing 100 kr.
    · Area 4: fly fishing and spin fishing 100 kr.
    · One year license for just the lakes, sport fishing only 150 kr.
    · License for both lakes and rivers, except Stavreströmmen 150 kr per day, 450 kr per week, 1000 kr per year.
    · Skaltjärnen license: 80 kr per day with max 3 fish.
    · Youths under the age of 18 can sport fish for free, except in Stavreströmmen and Skaltjärnen.
  • Pictures
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