Hidden in the vast forests of Jämtland is the uppermost part of Gimån: Herrevadströmmen. It is an important spawning ground for trout and grayling. The currents harbour both stationary and moving trout. The largest known trout caught in Herrevadströmmen weighed 7.3 kg. In the recent years a number of large graylings, 50 + cm, has been caught.

Herrevadströmmen flows between large boulders and moss-covered rocks. The water is clean and clear.

Float tube fishing is available in a number of lakes, with equipment and float tubes for rent. Fishing for whitefish below the bridges is permitted from the end of October. You can hire nets and other equipment on location.

  • Species
  • · Trout
    · Grayling
    · Whitefish
    · Perch
  • Fishing season
  • · Trolling and trolling for trout is permitted in spring, summer and autumn.
    · Ice fishing for perch and trout early winter and early spring.
    · Fly fishing from June 1 onwards.
    · The waterways provide a good nymph fishing during the dark evenings in August.
    · Fishing for whitefish in Herrevadströmmen and Marlan in late October and throughout November.
  • Fishing licenses
  • · Bräcke Sport o Fritid, +46 (0)693-10117: licenses and equipment
    · Herrevadströmmens flugfiske, +46 (0)693-23005: accommodation, guiding, licenses, boat for rent, equipment
    · Jämtkrogen, Bräcke, +46 (0)693-10505: accommodation, eating
    · OKQ8, Gällö, +46 (0)693-20349: licenses, equipment
    · Kellbergs Motor, +46 (0)693-715 00
    · Revsunds Prästgård, +46 (0)70-2090321: accommodation, eating, licenses, guiding, boat for rent
    · Storsands Vildmarkscamp, +46 (0)70-6913715: accommodation, licenses, boat for rent
  • Prices
  • · 1 hour: 60 kr
    · 1 week : 200 kr
    · Annual license: 250 SEK
    · Special licenses: fishing licenses covering the whole of Lake Revsund (Anvikssjön, Övre Gimån, Grimnäs – Landsomfj., Southern Lake Resund): 60 kr per day, 200 kr per week.
    · Family license: 75 kr per day, 300 kr per week
    · Trolling license: 100 kr per day, 500 kr per week, 1000 kr per season
    · Day license ice fishing Rödingtjärn: 60 kr and a maximum of 3 fish
    · Day license summer fishing Rödingtjärn with a float tube: 150 kr and a maximum of 2 fish, shore fishing 60 kr and a maximum of 3 fish
    · Whitefish fishing in Herrevadströmmen and Marlan 60 kr per day
    · Annual license, max 5 nets: 350 kr
    · Hire of float tube: 100 kr per day
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