About Gimån

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  • Gimån
  • Gimån is an approximately 170 kilometre-long forest river that runs through south-eastern Jämtland and parts of central Medelpad. The first 80 kilometres run through the municipality of Bräcke and the fishing areas available on this website.

    Gimån starts in Lake Revsund, just north of Bräcke, between Sundsvall and Östersund in Jämtland. It flows east through Idsjön, Holmsjön and Leringen, until it eventually runs into Ljungan at Torpshammar in Medelpad. It’s an amazing journey through fantastic nature.

    Gimån is a favourite among many anglers in running water, particularly for its fine trout fishing. The northern part is one of Jämtland’s best trout waters, especially in early summer. Further downstream becomes grayling the dominant sort, such as in Idsjöströmmen, where many fishermen return annually. There are also a number of lakes that are great fishing grounds for families who would like fish from rowing boats.

  • Lake Revsund
  • Lake Revsund is Bräcke’s municipality’s largest and most popular fishing lake, with trolling that has become something of a favourite among both locals and tourists. The character and depth of the lake means that the fish reproduce very well. It’s not surprising then that Lake Revsund is considered as one of the county’s richest fishing grounds.

    The lake is divided into four fishing areas: Revsundssjöns södra, Övre Gimåns, Anvikssjöns and Grimnäs-Landsomfjärdens. There is a map of the lake available so that you can easily navigate and find your favourite spot for fishing, whether you are after pike, perch, grayling, whitefish or trout.